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EleFriends101 -TREE Foundation WRRC Elephant Care Facility is the only dedicated facility of its kind in Tamil Nadu. At the Elephant Care Facility we are committed to providing injured, abused and neglected elephants with a new home where they can spend their days interacting with each other, roaming freely through the facility, wallowing in mud baths and receiving a varied natural diet and correct nutritional support all under the watchful eye of our expert veterinarian and care team.

In return we expect nothing of the elephants, NO rides, NO tricks ,NO performance. They are free to simply be and live in peace in a safe, secure and compassionate environment. We hope you will find our website both interesting and informative and look forward to seeing you at the facility in the future .

Meet Our Herd

Here we present to you the past of our elephants quite simply as they were.


Sandhya, 43 years, is the ‘Ma’ of the group. The pink pigmentation on her trunk and her dark-ringed eyes give her a very unique and distinguished look. The two younger elephants, Indu and Jayanthi, who previously worked alongside her at the same temple in Kanchipuram, look up to her as their matriarch.

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Indu is 34 years old and a natural leader. She is tall with a comparatively small head and pink pigmentation on the lower part of her trunk. She possesses a regal and proud disposition and her previous difficult life has not dampened her spirits. She loves eating mangoes and showering herself with dust.

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Jayanthi, at 19 years of age, is a typical teenager. Naughty and inquisitive, she is the first to investigate whatever happens new at the sanctuary. When a new fencing beam was being put up at the sanctuary she was there exploring; when we introduced new enrichment experiences, she was the first to experiment.

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