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Our Mission

"To provide a loving, safe and secure environment for the well being of elephants where they are free to roam, socialize, bathe and feed without undue human interference as nature intended."

Reason For Existence

After visiting many places and seeing the pitiful conditions captive elephants were existing in, Dr.Supraja Dharini (TREE Foundation) and Ms. Suparna Ganguly and Dr. Shiela Rao ( WRRC) realized that no amount of report writing and documenting the deplorable conditions would improve the lives of these elephants. Together, with the support of TREE Foundation and WRRC, they set about finding a way to create a better, brighter alternative life for them. It became clear that the only solution would be to establish a dedicated and specialized care facility for these elephants where they could slowly recover from years of captivity and, in many cases, neglect.
The seven founding freedoms of the Elefriends101 Elephant Care facility are,

Freedom :

  • To move around without shackles/chains or ropes in a natural, protected, semi-wild space

  • To sleep, walk, play or bathe under benevolent human monitoring and presence

  • To play with water or indulge in dust-baths and other normal behavior

  • From fear of emotional or physical pain and distress

  • To indulge in natural social interactions

  • From hunger, malnutrition or thirst

  • From injury and disease.

As elephant numbers, both African and Asian, continue to decline, it is imperative that we strive to take care and ensure the wellbeing of those who remain. As more temples are coming to see the benefits of granting the elephants freedom after a life of servitude to humans we expect the Elephant Care Facility to grow in the future to accommodate many more deserving elephants. We hope you will join us on this journey.

The Team

TREE Foundation was founded in 2002 with the aim of protecting marine turtle population, understanding the inter-relatedness between coastal communities and the marine resources upon which the former survive. To focus on initiatives that combine conserving species and habitat with empowering local people is the only solution-incorporating the human element from a variety of perspectives including: education programs, capacity building, economic development /poverty alleviation, human and animal health programs and networking with various government departments/agencies. 

The Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre (WRRC) was registered in July 1999 as a public charitable Trust for the conservation and welfare of wildlife in urban and rural areas around Bangalore, India. WRRC was set up by the trustees of Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA), in response to a keenly felt need: to provide relief to wild animals, birds and reptiles; including medical treatment and housing; as well as to handle cases of cruelty involving these animals. Wild animals are injured, abused and illegally traded; and concerned members of the public have few options for their treatment and housing. Expertise in their management and rehabilitation is also rare.

Advisory Board

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3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi I’m. Shyleswari, I want to be a part of this awesome work. I’ve always loved elephants. I live in Chennai. Please tell how I can see the elephants. And experience this work,
    Best Wishes in your beautiful endeavors

  2. Hi, This is Dr. Lalan Kumar Choudhary, A retired PCCF (Indian Forest Service, Madhya Pradesh) possessing more than 34 years of experience in managing the pristine wilderness of Madhya Pradesh in various capacities. By serving as the Field Directors of Bandhavgarh, Panna Tiger Reserves, Deputy Director of Pench Tiger Reserves, Conservator of Forests of Sanjay National Park, and key positions in many other Protected Areas of Madhya Pradesh, I had been gifted to earn first-hand experience to handle the Wild as well as the captive population of wild animals including the Asiatic Elephants.
    Really I admire the tremendous astonishing qualities inherent in the Asiatic Elephants, their endurance, witty approach, their sensitivity, their forgiving attitude and many other admirable uniqueness not found in other animal. Being equally worried for their declining population in the Nature, I appeal to all to initiate efforts to conserve this wonderful creation of the Nature in the utmost priority.
    While serving in the field, I have documented few real stories connected with this majestic animal which I can share with the other nature-loving persons.
    I Pray to the almighty to provide adequate sense in people to protect and conserve the Asiatic Elephants roaming in free wilderness and captivity.
    It is requested to include me in the list of your esteemed group.
    With Best of my regards
    Yours Sincerely
    Dr. Lalan Kumar Choudhary.

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