General Donations

Donations to EleFriends101 help to :

  • maintain healthy environment 
  • purchase new land so we can expand our projects
  • maintain & develop physical structures
  • repair or create new paths, roads or hard standings
  • manage the day-to-day operations of the organisation
  • give better enrichment
  • help relieve many other captive elephants 


Infrastructural Donations

Since our sanctuary is surrounded by farmlands,we cannot let the elephants free without Mahout supervision outside their enclosure.

Your Donations can help us fence the sanctuary ,so the elephants can roam freely.

For that would truly mean "Living Free"


Land Purchase

You can help us convert 103 acres of land surrounding our sanctuary into a completely "Chain-Free Haven" .Your generous donation will expand the existing facility and help many other captive elephants waiting for a healthy alternative, get a step closer to a life of peace,healing and recovery.


Your Donation Will Provide
"Chain-Free Haven"
$10,000 /Rs 6,00,000 for 1 acre
Enough space for the elephant to walk chain free any where they want.
"Strides of Freedom"
$100 / Rs 6000
When released from captivity , a new elephants first steps into the green world
"Merry Musketeers"
$2,500/Rs 1,50,000
for 1/4 an acre
An area to socialize ,play and move around
$555 /Rs 33,333
for 1 ground
An area to explore their elephantine behavior by touching, eating breaking the tree
"Green Pastures"
$5000 / Rs 3,00,000
fro 1/2 an acre
Enough space to take a leisurely lunch

Donate a Meal

We feed each of our Elephants with 25 kg of fruits and vegetables and unlimited supply of CO4  grass. Apart from that to fulfill their nutritional content we give them a cooked supper balls consisting of rice boiled along with gram flour, pepper, ragi flour, turmeric ,aesofotida 

To extend your love you can donate a day's meal to these gentle giants which comes to around

Rs 8000/$120          for 3 elephants

Rs 2666/ $40            for 1 elephant


Donate a fistful towards Meal for the Elephants

In this initiative  ,children from schools, apartment/society dwellers , corporate companies ,colleges can donate a fistful Ragi/green gram/horse gram, a pinch of Turmeric , 1 Tsp Pepper /cumin which will be used to make a nice healthy evening meal for our elephants.


Sponsor Our Elephants

By sponsoring one of our elephants you will actually be their foster parents.

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