15 May 2016 - Green Letter Day

A green letter day in our lives. All our dear friends finally culminate at the center for a freer, livelier & “elephantine” (pun intended) life for evermore.

19th May 2016 -Wallow in wallow

Our friends make it abundantly clear that they are really ecstatic being here, giving us a rambunctious “how it’s done at the mud wallow” display; making us part of the euphoria. In the words of “The Greatest”, “It was a thrilla, a killa, a chilla at the Mudilla”.

13th June 2016 - Shines "His Grace" SURYA

Our foremost of benefactors, Actor Surya, comes visiting us and spends the day with his family and friends. Nice way to be away from the arc light once in a while and let your inner soul aglow. You truly are a “Singham”.

8th August 2016 - “E pluribus unum”: Out of the many there were, this one.

The U.S Consul General Chennai Mr. Phillip A Min was certainly and in every sense of it was truly, one “General”. He came searching for our place and true to his word put us on the map. Thank you sir right from the heart.

11th & 15 August - “Little deeds of kindness”

The 19th century philosophic poetess J.A.Carney summed it up aptly that it is “kindness and Love” that make the earth an Eden like heaven above, especially when it is coated with “honest innocence” from our children. Big THANKS to all the tiny and ‘not-so-tiny” totts of T.I Matriculation Higher secondary school and Bala Vidya Mandir for collectively and generously donating elephant provisions during the "Donate a fistful" event .

15 August - “Mauna Ragam”

There are those who say it, but seldom do and there are those who speak seldom but give utterance to action. Thank you Revathy madam for the very precious and yummy bamboo. You say it best when you say nothing at all.

5th Sept 2016 - Donate a fistful

Kindness again shown by some “humans”. Thanks to the residents of prime terrace TT apartments, Chennai for giving our monthly supply and financial help for coming.

27th Sept 2016 -  “Pedicure”

Thanks to Achilles for doing our nails. It is said that “Nails are the reflection of self”, that’s why they need to be “shining”.


3rd Dec 2016- “Expert lessons”

From across the seven seas arrive one our best and most passionate advisers Michele Shelly Franko, an elephant trainer from PAWS and Kerulos Center and Stephen Koyle, an expert in elephant foot care from Elephant Care Unchained. They came and gave the most valuable of instructions about keeping the elephants engaged throughout the day, like simply tying the grass hanging from a net/feeder, so that  not only are they engaged in trying to get the grass but also exercise their neck muscles. The other invaluable lesson was target training. Thanks a ton you both for this “gyan” guys.

18th Dec 2016

It is said that every cloud (or cyclone in our case) has a silver lining, but sometimes it has to be painted. The cyclone “Vardha” may have caused havoc in Chennai and felled many trees, but we took on it ourselves to compensate for the loss. Dr.Supraja got 3 banyan trees that had fallen to the winds and transported those; 150 kms to be replanted here at ECF. Not only did we plant the trees but also their broken branches just for the heck of it. 2 months hence; the silver lining, blossoms.

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