Jayanthi, at 19 years of age, is a typical teenager. Naughty and inquisitive, she is the first to investigate whatever happens new at the sanctuary. When a new fencing beam was being put up at the sanctuary she was there exploring; when we introduced new enrichment experiences, she was the first to experiment.

Having been born in the jungles of Kaziranga, Assam, she has a distinctive look - tall in the torso with short legs. She has a large head and is positively chubby! At the temple where she was housed for over 14 years, she was the favourite among the townsfolk. As a sign of affection, these people unwittingly fed her soda and chips. As a result Jayanthi has developed quite a taste for junk food! She had a tough time adjusting to the healthy food provided at our Centre. She prefers the sweet beetroots and carrots to the cucumbers and banana stalks. Her vet has ordered extra walks for her but Jayanthi hates to exercise! She has to be bribed with peanuts every few metres of walk, but she is so smart that the peanuts run out way before the walk is done.

Little Jayanthi

Jayanthi was wrenched away from her mother and herd at a very young age (three years and ten months). She formed a close attachment to her older companions at the temple. When she first arrived at the sanctuary, she was very cautious, looking to her elders to guide her and copying everything they did. After a few months the ‘teen’ in her began to shine as she became bolder and more adventurous. Indu, one of our other elephants, often has to discipline her mildly. Once when Jayanthi wanted to explore an area that was out of bounds, Indu trumpeted loudly to get her attention and make her behave!

Jayanthi is now enjoying her teenage years in safety and comfort. She loves to play with the enriching toys; she amuses herself by sucking water out of the water pump, when the pump is shut. She will investigate every inch of the property and is particularly fond of stripping tree bark and eating it.

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