For all those of you who follow us regularly you will know that the three ladies have settled in very well to their new life at Elefriends101. Taken from a previous life of ignorance and brought to natural surroundings they are now enjoying life like never before.

As usual all the staff at Elefriends101 are working tirelessly for the benefit of the elephants and figuring ways to make their lives even better. The next step forward now for Elefriends101 is to erect additional I-beam fencing just like in the picture. 

This new fencing will allow the ladies even greater freedom and their mahouts will be able to supervise them from a considerable distance.

Based on experience and further recent consultation with suppliers it is estimated that 1 running foot of this new I-beam fence will cost $50 /INR 3300. The cost includes material, labor, equipment and transportation. In total the new fencing will amount to 3,000 running feet but thankfully the work can be done in stages like Fence A first then fence B and so on which will keep the costs down.

National and international donations can be accepted through  http://elefriends101.org/donate/ . Anything you can give will directly enhance the lives of the three ladies.

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