Elephant Care Facility Volunteering– 2 Days of Life altering experience

The elephant care facility, is roughly 30 kms from Pondicherry city , so you’ll be based in the country side for 2 days, adjacent to Kanthadu Reserve Forest and the serenity of the accommodation amidst mango grove will leave you delighted.

Imagine waking up in a cozy ,well-furnished accommodation amidst chirping of birds and a day with elephants to look forward to! If you are lucky and observant you will spot a few residents like bonnet macaques,peacocks,bee-eaters,Indian rollers, jackals, monitor lizard, porcupine, pangolins etc 

Elephant Care Facility Volunteer Tasks

Morning comes early at the facility, the elephants need to be walked,fed and bathed. 

The caretakers are a fun-loving lot, and you will spend time helping them around to tend to the elephants.

Breakfast for the elephants is vegetables and fruits that you’ll help wash and keep it ready. Elephants easily weigh three to four tons (sometimes more), and they eat around 300 kilograms of food every day. With that in mind, it takes them a while to fill their bellies; so you’ll have time to look after your own needs. The kitchen staff will serve you freshly prepared breakfast.

During your time as a volunteer, your duties will vary .The staff may need help moving equipment,putting up grass in the feeders, making compost, help in cooking elephant's evening feed or tending to one of the elephants while they undergo treatment during which you can distract the elephants by feeding them treats.In any event, the late afternoon after a local lunch ,is when you’ll have the opportunity to bond with the elephants and get to know caretakers.

At around 4.30pm elephants go for their evening walk ,when you can join them . After the walk , help the caretakers with the evening feed and you can head back to the cottage for dinner and spend the evening relaxing after the days work.

Elephant Care facility : Volunteer Qualifications

The minimum age of participation in the Volunteer Project is 18. Volunteers do not need any specific qualifications, but should be able-bodied, enjoy working outside and with animals. As in any cross-cultural context, those involved are asked to be flexible and be open to other customs and traditions.

Freshly prepared local breakfast like Idly/ Pongal / Upma / Semiya Upma along with coconut chutney. Fresh bread/ jam/butter and seasonal fruits along with herbal tea will also be served
Local lunch of Rice, sambhar/ vegetable gravy, 2 types of vegetarian dish, papad and fruits 
Chappathi (whole wheat flat bread) accompanied by a fresh vegetable dish 
For 2 days and one night Single occupancy : Rs 7500 Double occupancy : Rs 10,000 Cost includes accommodation, breakfast, Lunch and dinner

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